Hanging with DevCentral at RSA Conference 2023

AubreyKingF5 and buulam spent last week at RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco connecting with security professionals and colleagues. And, of course, they filmed a lot of those talks to share with the community. 

Buu connected with Tanya Janca at B-Sides San Francisco, Jason Haddix (BuddoBot), and Joel Violette (IBM) who shares his thoughts on ChatGPT (AI was a hot topic this year across the board).

Aubrey shared his RSA Keynote takeaways, interviewed Alyssa Miller before her panel on CISO challenges, and connected with a ton of other organizations across the expo room floor. 

Also making an appearance: ScheffKyle_Roberts, and Cameron_Delano who all shared insights from their conversations at the F5 booth. 

Check out the full playlist of RSA 2023 content here!

Updated May 19, 2023
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