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Aug 20, 2013

Max Connections per VIP

Is there a Maximum Number of Connections that a VIP can have?


I have a LTM-3400 and wanted to know what the Max of Connections per VIP was.


I recently consolidated from 50 VIP's into 1 VIP for easier administration, so now we are just using 1 IP Address for Virtual Hosting w/ Apache rather than having 50 VIP's but now I just want to make sure there are not going to be any bottlenecks in regards to Active Port 80 Connections going from 50 VIP's to 1 VIP.


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  • When you say limitation of the box and bandwidth... do you mean my webservers and uplink connection from my data center?


    I am just wondering if there was a VIP Connection Limit for PORT 80 Connections on a LTM-3400.....


    How many simultaneous connections can 1 VIP on a LTM-3400 handle?


  • An LTM-3400 has a max throughput of 1Gbps. That's about 55K and 110K connections per second, layer 7 and layer 4 respectively. That is the aggregate limitation of the box across all VIPs. So an LTM-3400 with a single VIP can handle roughly 1Gbps through that one VIP.


  • As Kevin stated its a BOX limit. The LTM 3600 stats I have show it can do 4M current connections and 2 Gbs per second of throughput. I don't have ant data for the LTM 3400. But those numbers depend on things like L7 or L4 connections? SSL termination for HTTPS etc?


  • My traffic is http port 80 web only...


    My LTM-3400 has 2GB of memory...


    So in relation to the LTM-3600, my LTM-3400 could probably handle upwards of 2M concurrent connections I presume (with my bottleneck my Upstream Provider & My Webservers of course)....


    I am just trying to isolate what the LTM-3400 can handle on 1 VIP in relation to concurrent connections over port 80...




  • How do we check current connection status?


    We have an issue for one of the regular application. Randomly users are getting page not available error . But when they refresh it will load.