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Jan 18, 2011

Malformed XML Data

I am getting this in the description field for this XML violation:



Context: Object


XML profile Configuration failed.



Firstly, I'm not sure if I should be reading it as one line of text or two. Secondly, there is no mention on ask.f5 of this error.



There is however this article: Sol8263


It tells me in blue that the reporting section will tell me the location of the error in the XML message - it doesn't.



Any help would be much appreciated.





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  • PS: Does anyone know what is the difference between these violations:



    Malformed XML data


    XML data does not comply with format settings


    XML data does not comply with schema or WSDL document



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    Hi Wire,


    If you will click the information icon next to the name of the violation (look for the an icon with the letter 'i' on it), you will see a very detaild description of what every violation means...


  • Thanks for taking a stab at this, unfortunately I knew that already. Just for those looking for the information button on 9.x, this was only added in 10.x.



    I think that the point that I'm making is that it's not clear.



    For example, Malformed XML is typically XML with bad syntax, however the ASM article metioned above seem to suggest that it isn't just bad syntax but also bad grammar which can determined by validating against a schema, in which case it is the same as saying that it doesn't comply with the schema - ie a schema violation error.



    If this logic holds true then 'Malformed XML data' and 'XML data does not comply with schema or WSDL document' is the same.



    Thanks again.
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    There is a difference between malformed XML and a schema validation check, they are not the same.


    An XML document can be well-formed but it may not conform (or in other words - valid) to various restrictions/definitions that its schema declared on.



    I suggest you look at the XML RFC or even here for more details.



    I was reading again the description in the GUI, if you could highlight for me what exactly isn't clear I would be happy to make sure we improve it.



    Thank you for your feedback!