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Aug 04, 2011

Make a single BIG-IP box into a HA pair?




I've got an issue (probably not an issue for the people who know what they are doing), where I have now acquired 2 big-ip boxes of the exact same model and they have to made into a HA pair, now my problem is that 1 is up and running and the other needs to brought into the same config but in active/standby roles....



My question is, is this easy enough to do, is there documents/tutorials on what the best practises is? My knowledge of F5 BIG-IP products I would say is beginner/(low)intermediate...



Could I do it in LTM-VE first as a test scenario or does it have to be done on the boxes? Problem is the applications being run on the system are live and minimal downtime is paramount.








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  • And other link:



    sol8581: Creating a redundant pair by adding a second BIG-IP system to an existing system




  • Thanks for the links guys, phew, it actually doesn't seem too much of a nightmare to carry out as I first thought!



    I have to say the BIG-IP documents are great but trying to find them is a nightmare, I honestly do believe the organisation of trying to find a suitable document is tiresome...



    Thanks again for your time and effort!!



    Have a good day!