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Nov 23, 2011

LTM: Wide IP with different Virtual Servers



I have serveral sites using the same host name (For Example: ).


I want to use Wide IPs so resolves 4 different IP addresses as we have 4 Internet providers).


My question is: When you configure the wide IP you must indicate the members with IP address and service port. Shall I configure three times the same wide IP with three differente groups of members (one for each TCP port)?


Or should I configure the Wide IP with member address and no service port?


Thank you

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  • Hi Manuel,



    When a DNS query is made, the client doesn't indicate the port that it will eventually use. So I don't see a way for you to return one IP for requests which will eventually going to port 443 and a different one for 1443.



    If I've misunderstood your question, can you rephrase it?



    Thanks, Aaron
  • It's clear: The LTM can't give different DNS answers as it doesn't know which port will the TCP connection. But the fact is that you have to configure the port for the member inside the wide IP configuration. So, if I'm using several ports, Can I configure the member just with IP address (no port)? Should it work?


  • Manuel,



    the ports are used for monitoring purposed on the GTM. So, they are necessary to detect if a service has failed. Without monitoring the GTM would hand out an ip address for a virtual server where the service is no longer available.





    Kurt Knochner
  • Hi S,


    the GTM can not give back any port number. It can only resolve DNS names, just like a normal DNSserver would do.



    Maybe you could put a script on your webserver with a redirect.
  • Hi,


    We have an only solution.


    You define a wide IP on GTM to redirect traffic to an LTM VS. And you create an Irules to redirect traffic on the differents providers.


    Kind Regards


    Guillaume HUGUES