Get virtual servers, pools, pool members, statuses and connections on a specified LTM

Problem this snippet solves:

This script allows you to quickly retrieve a lot of useful information about the current status of your pool members, as well as the corresponding pools and virtual servers. The data can be output to the screen or written to a CSV. It utilizes the F5-LTM PowerShell module available here.

How to use this snippet:

This script expects the following parameters:

  • LTMName -the device's name or IP address
  • LTMCredentials in the form of a PSCredential object. The credentials are used to authenticate to the iControlREST API. This can be created using the Get-Credential cmdlet or by following the example shown near the bottom of the page here
  • OutputDestination - an option param for either sending the results to the screen or a local CSV file.

Code :

Published Nov 30, 2016
Version 1.0

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    I tried using that tool... I provided LTM IP and credentials...but it doesn't load any HTML page with pool or vserver status ...


  • Hi, I'm not sure I follow. As mentioned in the description, "The data can be output to the screen or written to a CSV," so HTML is not in play. What output do you get?


    Thanks, Joel