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Oct 24, 2011

LTM VE 11.0 licensing assistance




I am having trouble licensing the LTM VE 11.0 edition - I get a 51133 error from the activate site when I try to use any of the licenses.



I can successfully license and run the 10.1 edition, but as I will be running 11.0 in my production network, I wanted to test it out in VE form.



Any ideas? I must admit, this is not an intuitive process!








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  • Hi Dan



    Are you using a trial licence key with it? Or a fully key? As the Trial Key is only valid with the 10.1 version of the software.








  • Hi Andy,



    Sorry for not replying sooner....



    Yeah, you are spot on. The automated F5 licensing process is for version 10.0 and 10.1 only. Whilst it is possible to download different versions, the licencing will fail at step 2 with a 51133 error.



    The workaround is to contact your F5 rep and kindly request a licence for your particular version. The licences they cut are only valid for 45 days as opposed to 90 days for the automated 10.1 licenses.