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Jul 14, 2015

LTM Policy with ASM - rule missing 'asm' action

We would like to use LTM policies to forward trafic to different pools depending on the URL path.




/dir1: forward to pool_1


/dir2: forward to pool_2


/dir3: forward to pool_3


We are also using an ASM policy, which is the same for all three directories.


I created a new LTM Policy that includes forwarding and asm controls. Then I created a default rule without conditions that applies the ASM policy.


Now I am trying to create rules with specific forwarding actions for each directory.


However I am unable to create a forwarding-only rule, LTM requires that I always add an asm action to each rule. If I do not add an asm action it does not allow saving the rule.


Why am I required to add (repeat) an asm action in every rule?


LTM Version 11.4.1


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  • If I create an LTM policy with other set of controls (ex. forwarding + compress) I can create rules for these policies that contain only forwarding actions, only compress actions or both. However, once the asm control is added to the policy, it requires that every rule of the policy contains an asm action. I do not understand why it is like this. Has anyone had this isssue with LTM traffic policies?
  • let say it's not an issue but by design. For ASM you need to have a default rule and for each rule an ASM policy specified.


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      This is an old thread I know, but still there's no more information here and I can't find anything searching.


      What is a default rule?  With ASM, what is required in the default rule to not break anything and allow the policy to work?