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Oct 25, 2021

LTM policy to redirect uri to correct pool

I am trying to create a policy which redirect the request to correct pool based on URI. So i am trying to use a simple logic i.e. If uri starts with /help or /assistance at request time forward the traffic to POOL A at request time. Rest all traffic should go to default pool POOL B. In the VS default pool is configured POOL B. But it is not working for some reason & default traffic is also hitting the POOL A resulting 404 sometimes vice versa.

I also tried opposite mean if uri doesn't start with /help or /assistance redirect the traffic to POOL B at request time. Default pool in VS is POOL A. Still it is doing mix n match & creating 404 errors.

Can you please help me to understand if i need to create the default rule under policy? I am unable to find a knowledge article which describes how to add default rule which redirects all the default traffic to default pool.


So my policy looks like


If uri starts_with /help or /assistance --> Forward traffic to POOL A

Rest/default goes to POOL B




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  • Instead of matching starts or begins with, can you try to match exact URI path and see if it works? It may be the case, rest URIs are also matching under first logic. You can try below login and see if it works!