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Apr 11, 2022

LTM Monitor shows no Instance but Nodes


One of the Monitors shows in the "Instance"-tab no pool but some of the nodes.

Also the Server Admin told me, that the Healthchecks ate still running.

I know I recently did some changes in monitoring but if I change the monitoring of a pool, the the old monitor is not in use.

The Nodes have all standard-settings, no special monitoring activated.

by chance, I've uploaded a qkview to ihealth (for another Reason) and the affected Monitor is not in the List of Unused Objects.

Any Ideas where to look?

Oh, Version is

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  • Hello kgaigl.

    Use this next command (from bash) to figure out what objects are using this monitor.

    tmsh -q -c "cd / ; list recursive one-line" | grep <monitor_name>


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    Hello Dario,

    thanks, I found a Pool and I'm wondering, why in Monitors -> Instances the Pool is not listed.

    But thats at the moment not our Problem:

    On Monday after the Problem I switched to the Standby BIG-IP and rebootet the Active One, but the BIG IP fails to reboot (Restarting Tomcat) ☹️

    opend already a Support Case

    • Yep, something this happens 🙄

      BTW, please don't forget to give some thumbs up or mark the response as "resolved" to let other users find it.