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Apr 11, 2022

LTM Local traffic policy to many options!!! - Help needed!

Hi All, I've got a bit lost in how to do this, one of our app teams have a issue with a bought in peice of software that has hard coded the incorrect links to its css file and a image. There asking ...
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    Apr 12, 2022

    Hi PSFletchTheTek ,

    Yes there are various options available under LTM policy and you need to choose specific based on the different use cases. In your case, you can choose HTTP host and HTTP URI to match the condition and once it is matched, you can use REDIRECT to change the location.

    I have given one of the sample LTM policy specific to the details given in your post. You may need to customize it based on other use cases if any. You can also match multiple hosts as well as multiple URIs or any combination and do the same redirection for all the matched traffic.


    Hope it helps!