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Aug 08, 2020

LTM Is Sending RST packet while communicating with backend member.

Hi All,


Hope you all are fine!


I have a scenario where LB VIP is up, but when we try to access the application we are getting site can not be reached.


Upon validating we found that TCP handshake is failing between backend and Snat pool (we have created a list of IPs) , LB SNAT Pool IP is sending "sync" in reply it gets "SYNACK" from backend and then immediately LB SNAT POOL send "RST" packet. But when we select SNAT as "AUTOMAP" it starts working. Can you please help us in finding the cause of it that why SNAT Pool is sending RST packet to backend member and what can be solution to fix it up.. On front end we have 443 and at backend we have custom port for SAP application.






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