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Jul 29, 2015

LTM Export Certificate (definition, cert and key) to import to another LTM

We have two sets of HA paired LTM's that will be used by GTM, I've been asked to make sure all the certificates defined in one LTM are defined in the other, in case the second (data center) needs to take over. I know the certificates and keys are located under /config/filestore/files_d/Common_d/{certificates_d,certificates_key_d} but have names ending in numbers (filename_12345_1, e.g.).


Before I go munging file names and writing associated tmsh sys crypto cert... commands I wanted to know if someone else has already done this, and if so, how.


Thanks, - Larry


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    Yeah. This one is quite simple and easy to accomplish


    Just create a certificate archive on the source system, copy that to the target and import the archive.


    Job done.


    Or if you're running v11 you could just create a single multi-site cluster.




  • Simply export them (either file or text) from the GUI
    System  ››  Certificate Management : Traffic Certificate Management : SSL Certificate ListSelect the name
    It will send you to the certificate info
    Click the "export" tab at the bottom
    There you will see the text you can copy, or you can choose the download option
    Them, go back to the previous screen and select the "Key" tab at the top
    This takes you to the key info and you can see the "export" tab at the bottom, just as you had for the certificate