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Feb 16, 2012

LTM Connection Table - show client details on server side connection?

Can anyone explain why I can't display the client IP or port on a server-side connection in the connection table? This is pretty limiting in some circumstances, and seems like a huge, obvious gap in the connection table. I can display/search all the other properties of the connection, and I can log the server-side client details with an iRule - why can't I display/search for them in tmsh?



These command should work:


tmsh show sys conn ss-client-addr


tmsh show sys conn ss-client-port




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  • Hi SMP,



    Apparently someone in PD agrees with you as it works on v11:



    tmsh show sys conn ss-client-port 22




    Total records returned: 0



    but not on 10.2.3:



    tmsh show sys conn ss-client-port 22


    Syntax Error: "ss-client-port" unknown property



    If you want details on this or to suggest we backport the change to 10.2.x you could open a case with F5 Support.



  • (shakes head)



    Thanks Hoolio, I don't have a v11 box to validate. I'm happy to hear that gap was filled.
  • If you want to run an LTM VE on v10 or v11, email me and I'll send you an eval key: aaron at f5 dot com.



  • tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr =can I give here the pattern IP not single IP= .


    Basically I want to search two IP Address but not able to give both of them in single command.


  • I tried the below command ..


    tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr IP-A || IP-B


    But I get result of only IP-A.


  • Guys... I got it... in anxiety I tried and found the result by hit & trial.


    below worked for me to find show two IP or show variable in single command in F5 CLI.


    tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr IP-A & tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr IP-B