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Apr 09, 2011

LTM and GTM running different code

Hi guys,



I have 2 pairs of LTM 1500s (1 pair per data center) with 2G of ram, and 2 GTM 1500's with 768M of ram. Both are on version 9.4.5. I got a pair of 3900s to replace the primary data center 1500s and plan on putting 10.2.2 code on them. I'm also repurposing all 1500's and upgrading them to 10.2.2 as well.



1. What is the latest version of code I can bring the GTM's up to with 768M of ram?



2. Would there be any issues with running the older code on the GTM's and 10.2.2 on the LTM's?



3. I'm configuring the 3900's now, and I want to get them ready for production. If I establish the iQuery tunnel between our production GTM's (on the older code) and the new LTM's, am I correct in saying that will upgrade the GTM's big3d agent, and I will lose communication with all established (production) LTM units, unless I upgrade them as well, or upgrade the big3d agent?



4. Generally speaking, what is the suggested best upgrade path? 6 production units- 2 primary LTM's, 1 primary GTM, 2 backup LTM's, and 1 backup GTM? Because I would like to upgrade all Big-IP's prior to bringing the 3900's into production.






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  • I don't think that there is a current restriction on the version number for a Standalone GTM on a 1500.



    There is no mention or it not being support or not recommended in the Product Matrix (



    If you want to be sure I would suggest contacting technical support for the devinitive answer.
  • Hi Mike,



    For question 1:



    I think 9.4.8 for full support and 10.0.x for "less support", but you can check the supported platforms section of the GTM release notes to confirm:







    Note: Although the BIG-IP 1500 with 768 MB of RAM is supported and does load the 10.x configuration, some performance metrics may be lower than for systems with 1 GB of RAM. It not recommended to attempt running additional product modules on a system that has only 768 MB of RAM




    BIG-IP 1500 (C36) - with 1 GB RAM