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Oct 15, 2010

LTM 10.2, RDP, and Name Resolution issues

I'm hoping someone can help. I have three pool members behind a pair of LTM. These are all M$ RDP servers used for remote access. They make use of folder redirection and also map drives to a file server that is on the other side of the BIG-IPs. I have a forwarding VS so that I can access them for admin purposes. I also have three SNATs created so that the RDP server can access the servers on the other side of the BIG-IPs.



The solution is mostly working. I have an intermittent issue where the folder redirection and drive mappings will fail for a user. The RDP server event log has errors like 'network path not found'. DNS and WINS was verified. I've even added the file server IP address and name to the RDP servers local hosts file.



Does anyone have any ideas? These RDP servers work great when moved to the same VLAN and the file server and accessed directly (no BIG-IP).








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