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Aug 12, 2011

Logout URI for APM and Citrix Web Interface 5.4

Turns out that Citrix Web Interface 5.4 is doing quite a few interesting things that tend to confuse APM on the logout and interfere with successful APM logout behavior. For example, if you wanted to tie Citrix Web Interface logout function with APM logout, you would typically put that Citrix logout URI in the APM Access Policy, and that would be it. However, due to the behavior change in the logout mechanism on Citrix Web Interface in 5.4, it interferes with APM session termination mechanism.



No fear - iRules to the rescue. If you are running F5 APM XenApp ICA proxy solution with Web Interface 5.4 and want to tie Citrix WI logout with APM session logout, please add this simple iRule to your APM virtual server instead of configuring Logout URI in the Access Policy, and problem solved!





if {[HTTP::uri] contains "loggedout" } {


ACCESS::session remove






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  • Very nice, Michael. Trying this out now - you're right, this one was tweaking my melon. I'll let you know how I get on...
  • Hmm, actually I still get a lot of "The resource you are looking for is temporarily unavailable" on re-logging in unfortunately... Ah well.
  • Can you please try and change the iRule so that the first line looks like



    when HTTP_REQUEST {



    instead of







    And let me know if it works better for you.