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Mar 04, 2011

Loadbalance BIG-IP Link Controller with resolve 2 DNS ISP and outbound Traffict

Hello all,


I'm new in F5, and i confused to how to configure LC.


I'm using 2 ISP link point to point, and a single LAN. I want to load balance dns resolver 2 ISP and outbound (for now) internet traffic with 2 DNS ISP. I already following the configuration guide.


The following are what i've done (IP Public just for reference):


ISP1 subnet:


ISP1 gw:


ISP2 subnet:


ISP2 gw:


LAN subnet:


F5 Internal:


Proxy1 Internal:


Proxy2 (Bluecoat) Internal:


Core Switch :


1. Creating VLANs (ISP-1, ISP-2, and LAN) and set their physical port)


3. Create Pool (Local Traffic > Virtual Server >Pool) default_gateway (member:,


4. Assign Pool default_gateway to Route > default gateway


5. Create Link (ISP1: Link ISP1 Router:, ISP2: Links ISP2 Router:


6. Create Wildcard ( pool: default_gateway, Profile: default, Address Translation: Checked, Port Translation: Checked, SNAT: Auto Map.


question :


1. How to divide the bandwidth Outbound crossroad in Proxy1 (3Mbps) and Proxy2 (1Mbps) and 1Mbps rest for the application in accordance attach files that I attach


2. how to set dns resolves from the 2 isp is for outbound traffic


ISP1 DNS : and


ISP1 DNS : and



Is anyone can help me? or if it's possible to share configuration for LC and solution design


Any help would be appreciate..





Joko Purnomo


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  • You're off to a great start.



    1. I believe you'll have to look at rate shaping for this.





    2. I'm a bit confused at what you're looking for here. Are you saying you're trying to have LinkController provide DNS resolution for internal clients going outbound?
  • Hello, We have the same issue. For some reason the customer want the f5 to be the DNS resumption For outbound traffic. We don't use inbound traffic at all, only outbound. How can we configure this? If it possible.