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Oct 14, 2011

load balance Bluecoat Proxy by CPU monitor.

I would like to load balance Bluecoat Proxy by CPU monitor.



I can write perl in external monitor.




but I research the data about "external monitor"




the action just marked "UP" or Set "Ratio"




if I would like to add pool member, how can I do?






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    Use a pool of type dynamic ratio. Then in your perl calculate the dynamic ratios of the pool members. The pool members will be balanced based on the pool ratio dynamically as the ratio changes. (Although last time I did this, I used iControl to set the ratios... Not a monitor).




    thanks your answer.



    the real situation is when time is up to noon , All CPU of four web proxies are up to 100%



    I have two ftp proxies.



    I hope when the web proxies cpus up to 85% the two ftp proxies can join the web proxy pool.



    in normal time, the ftp proxy can focus ftp proxy function.



    I reference the URL



    I try to change the action "set ratio" to "enable node".



    But I found the command of URL is version 9.4.



    I try to use tmsh in this sample, but it is fail.



    Is the only solution icontrol in version 11?