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Sep 06, 2011

Link controller for redundant link solution with block publishing

Good Day Community,



Need some assistance formulating a solution using F5 products.


I have two different ISP links terminating on two Cisco routers, however, each ISP link terminates on one router, i.e., ISP 1 terminates R1, ISP 2 terminates R2.


Basically, both of them have a point to point link with their relevant ISP, however ISP1 provides a /27 public block.


From this block, are web servers (load balanced by F5 ofc, lol), security gateways, ...


What I need is some way of publishing the block from ISP 1 to ISP 2, if the ISP 1 link fails. I thought about BGP however, the ISP 1 is not playing ball, so I need to find an alternative.


Any suggestions?



Just a further note, the DNS is not hosted in this network.




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    Hi crate,



    You're not going to be able to use the Link Controller to publish that IP space on the adjacent link. What you are describing here is BGP ( and would require some heavy configuration with your ISP. If you had an equivalent number of addresses on ISP2 you could use GTM to failover. Hope this helps,