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Jul 12, 2011

LB::persist and Persistence





I am trying to debug a persistence problem and am not having much luck I hope someone here can provide some advice.


I am using the following iRule to see the persistence records






set mypick [LB::persist]


log local0. "Client is: [IP::remote_addr] Persistence entry is: $mypick Key is: [LB::persist key]"


if { [lindex $mypick 1] ne "0" }{


Do nothing


} else {


log local0. "No persistence record found"







However I only ever get 'source_addr -1' as a result (see below)


Jul 12 16:11:00 local/tmm info tmm[5073]: Rule Debug_Persist : Client is: Persistence entry is: source_addr -1 Key is: source_addr -1




Does anyone know what the -1 means? the Wiki does not mention -1










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  • Hi Jason,



    I'm not sure what the -1 means. If you want to look up a persistence record, I'd just use persist lookup source_addr [IP::client_addr]. You shouldn't need to force a load balancing decision to do this.