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Jan 25, 2011

LB Connections to Disabled Pool Members

In one of my simple LTM 10.2.0 VIP configurations, I have a Pool with two members. There is no monitor applied to the Pool or its members, so all of their status' is Unknown.

The problem is that when I hit the VIP, the LTM load-balances to the disabled Pool Member.

Can you see any reason, based on this configuration, why the disabled member should be getting any connections?

virtual vs_192_168_0_1_80 {
   pool CCEISFR2_1
   ip protocol 6
   profiles {
      http {}
      tcp {}
pool CCEISFR2_1 {
   lb method predictive
   min active members 1
   snat disable
   nat disable
   members { {
         session user disabled
      } {}