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Oct 15, 2010

Last node/pool status change time




Does anyone know how to find out the last status change time of a node or pool status?




Thanks in advance



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  • Hi Samurai,



    You can check the /var/log/ltm* log files to see when the state changed. I don't think this type of info is accessible anywhere else by default. If you want to check for more than 8 days you can either modify the logrotate configuration (see man logrotate for details) or send the logs to a remote monitoring station using a custom syslog configuration.



  • Thanks Aaron.



    I thought there would some config setting which would show the timestamp of the change in b node/pool show command output itself. It looks like ltm* files and/or an external syslog server are the ways to look for the information.





  • Good thinking Samurai. A "Node Uptime" stat would be pretty cool to have. I might have to make a CR for that.