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Feb 14, 2011

Java GTM Pool Member CommonIPPortDefinition

I'm trying to up-fit the sample PoolMemberControl code to get the properties of a GTM pool member.



LTM Code:


iControl.CommonIPPortDefinition [][] memberDefAofA =







Attempted GTM Code:


iControl.CommonIPPortDefinition [][] memberDefAofA = m_interfaces.getGlobalLBPool().get_member(pool_list);




However, do this gives me a type incompatibility. Does anyone know the right way/method to populate the CommonIPPortDefinition array with a GTM Pool Member?






Andrew J Durstewitz


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  • Hi Andrew, the function prototype for the GlobalLB.Pool.get_member() method is different from the LocalLB.Pool.get_member() method. The API reference is here:





    It looks like this



    struct GlobalLB.Pool.PoolMemberDefinition {
      IPPortDefinition member;
      long order;
    GlobalLB.Pool.PoolMemberDefinition [] [] GlobalLB.Pool.get_member(
      in String [] pool_names



    The java code to call it would looks something like this:



    iControl.GlobalLBPoolPoolMemberDefinition [][] memberDefAofA = 



    All of the API references are available online in the iControl wiki at:





    Hope that helps...





  • Hi Joe -



    I'm with you so far, the only part I don't understand is how to get memberDefAofA into CommonIPPortDefinition so I can get the address information.






    Andrew J Durstewitz
  • Here's how you iterate over the returned memberDefAofA 2-D array.

    // Iterate over the first dimension (each pool pass in as input).
    for(int i=0; i
    Hope this helps...