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May 15, 2024



I need to develop BIG-IP next, anyone can guide me, please?


I tried to install BIG-IP next and Central Manager inside EVE-eg but it is not found, Can I install it in EVE?


I need to start with BIG-IP LTM and ASM, there is a guide for all installation steps and all labs step by step.



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  • Short answer? No this will not work in EVE-ng

    As i know, you need ESXi or KVM

  • probably yes if eve-ng support nested virtualization.
    i was able to run hardware accelerated BigIP KVM VE within Linux WSL, which the WSL itself is a VM guest of Windows HyperV host.
    the hardware was intel 11 gen laptop.

    i see in the that it uses kvm hardware acceleration, so there is possiblity.

    this is video about nested virtualization: