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Oct 30, 2020

Issue with External monitor returning value

I am attempting to write an external monitor to determine which of our three databases is the "master." We need to first ssh to the server and then run a command. This command should return either a 'true' or 'fals'




# Name of the pidfile



# Send signal to the process group to kill our former self and any children 

# as external monitors are run with SIGHUP blocked

if [ -f $pidfile ]


  kill -9 -`cat $pidfile` > /dev/null 2>&1



echo "$$" > $pidfile


# Remove the IPv6/IPv4 compatibility prefix 

node_ip=`echo $1 | sed 's/::ffff://'`



  log_file -noappend /var/tmp/mongo_status.log

  spawn /bin/ssh svc_f5_mongo@10.xx.yy.zz

  sleep 1;

  expect "password:"

  send "***********"

  expect "svc_f5"

  send "/bin/mongo -u ******** -p ******** --authenticationDatabase admin --eval 'printjson(db.isMaster())'|grep 'ismaster' | cut -c15-18\r"

  sleep 4

  send "exit\r"





echo "$status"


if [ $status -eq 0 ]


# Remove the pidfile before the script echoes anything to stdout and is killed by bigd    

  rm -f $pidfile

  echo "up"



# Remove the pidfile before the script ends

rm -f $pidfile


I have been unable to determine the the value from expect.


Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Thank you

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  • You need to understand the behaviour of External monitors and stdout

    K7444: Requirements for external monitor output


    Custom external monitors must observe the following output requirements:

    • If a server meets the external monitor criteria, the external monitor must send data to stdout.
    • Note: Any data on stdout results in an Available status. The data does not have to be specific to the condition of the server.
    • Note: Any standard output stops the script from running. To ensure that the necessary operations occur, F5 recommends that you clean up any temporary files, perform logging, etc., before the system performs the standard output operation.
    • If a server fails to meet the external monitor criteria, the external monitor must not send any data to stdout.


    Looking at your script, you have

     echo "$status"

    This will terminate the script here, and mark the monitor as "Available".

    If you need to log something from the script for development purposes, use *logger* to log into /var/log/ltm