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May 10, 2012

Issue with Caching Profile

Hi there,

I'm trying to set-up a caching profile for one of our applications.

The application uses the following URL formats:

Main pages - /backoffice/

Resources - /backoffice-resources/

I've set-up the following Caching profile:

 ltm profile web-acceleration Caching_Product {
    app-service none
    cache-uri-exclude { /backoffice/* }
    cache-uri-include { .* }
    cache-uri-include-override none
    cache-uri-pinned { /backoffice-resources/* }
    defaults-from optimized-caching

However I'm not seeing any items appear in the Cache for this profile:

 show /ltm profile ramcache Caching_Product
Ltm::Ramcaches /Common/Caching_Product
Total records returned: 0

Any ideas how I can get the resources to cache???



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