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Sep 24, 2022

issue in waf policy applied on virtual server

Dears , 

i have an web application that applied on it waf policy but i have issue that when applied this policy user when try to open the login web application  page  the dialog box that they  write in the email and password to login can not write in,

and when disapled the waf policy they can write their email and password to login , 

and this explained  in attached file

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  • Hello,

    Can you add a logging profile "log all requests" in the virtual server configuration under security tab and try logging in with a specific source IP and then filter in the logs for that source, so you can see what is actually going on.

    at the same time, try openning the developer tool and open network tab to see what is the request and response when accessing this URL.

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      Thanks mohamed ,

      the issue solved as Data Guard is enabled in the ASM policy and it changes the content in the HTTP

      • Hello Amr,


        I'm glad to hear that the issue got resolved, can you share with us what was the root cause?