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Feb 21, 2024

Is Windows Hello authentication possible through F5 APM?

The version for TMOS doesn't matter.

I want to enable SSL VPN connection through Network Access when Windows Hello authentication is successful through F5 APM.

Is Windows Hello integration supported?
Or do you have a support plan?

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  • This kind of integration is not yet supported, unfortunately. We do have an existing tracker ID in place for it: ID866041

    The Windows versions do include an always-on "machine tunnel" function if that works for your situation, you can read about that here:


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      Hi, Lucas.
      Thanks for your reply. 😄

      I also checked the document.
      This is because I saw the link in another article before posting.

      But it's not exactly the feature I want.
      I want to allow the user to enter their ID/PW and then perform fingerprint recognition on their Windows PC.