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Oct 06, 2023

Is there a list of the F5 XC API protections OpenAPI/Swagger custom supported extensions ?

Hello to Everyone,



After my investigation of the OpenAPI/Swagger options for AWAF/ASM that I have questions under F5 AWAF/ASM support for wildcard url and parameter... - DevCentral that I have still have questions now I have the same questions for XC Swagger/OpenAPI supported custom options and if there is a list?


I see that XC supports Regex for wildcard in the path as shown below but what about parameters with wildcard names or if there could be a wildcard support for methods as to not have to specify each method under an http path or using custom word like "any" ? Other than that it will be nice if there is support for parameters to be specified as in any location not query or request body.


Any help will appreciated.




"servers": [
"url": "/"
"paths": {
"/niki.*": {



"parameters": [
"in": "query",
"name": "userId",
"schema": {
"type": "integer"
"required": true,
"description": "Numeric ID of the user to get"

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