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Jun 11, 2012

Is it possible to set the iControl Session 'timeout' & 'maximum sessions' through the CLI?




I apologize if this is the wrong forum...




Does anyone know if it's possible to get or set the iControl session 'timeout' & 'maximum sessions' values through the CLI? From the examples given on DevCentral it seems the global values are only available through iControl.




I guess the other question is, if the values are changed through iControl do they persist through reboots and upgrades?




I've also opened a ticket with F5 but they've suggested I reach out to the community as well.








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  • Yes, I know. No, in both cases. These settings are currently private to the iControl server, and just the running server until it stops. The values also do not currently persist through reboots and upgrades. Things we could consider. Shades of the kinds of questions we have considered before, for various f5 UI prefs.


  • Thanks for the information Todd.



    Do you know if any of the settings can be changed in a configuration file? I am assuming not based on your response but my local SE figured it was worth asking.








  • No, there is no configuration file with those settings. The iControl server can receive them from outside (via the methods affecting them) while running, and they affect iControl until it is restarted. They aren't saved, and aren't loaded from anywhere on iControl restart. Just off the top of my head, saving them presents a question because in general mods in iControl are not saved unless you specifically ask to save the configuration, so we avoid bogging down the system saving every time you make a mod. One could imagine saving just a small part of the config if you make a change to this type of setting - that would take more machinery than we currently have. It's not impossible, of course, just would take some design and head scratching to get right.
  • One more thought. One can save_configuration using iControl (System::ConfigSync) and that could be made to save these settings, with the possible drawback that as currently done that would save everything else too. Not impossibly bad, if documented well, and as I understand that is how the tmsh preferences work (saved along with everything else, but only when you save sys config).
  • At the very least, why not let the user expire their session when they are done? IE. An API method to release a session.