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May 02, 2018

iRule to redirect application to pool and change url

When setting up a f5 irule, I am trying to do the following:

When an external url is hit, redirect to an internal pool of servers based on a url. Example:


I want this to map to server pool of urls: or or

I need it to only direct if the server url is up. Does anyone have an idea?

Basicly going to redirect/proxies to


redirect/proxies to

This is what I have so far:

    switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::path]] {
    "/application*" {
            pool This_abc.com_WEB-R_8080
                snatpool WEB-R_SNAT_Pool

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  • I think you will be better off configuring the server to accept "; domain traffic instead of "" etc. Any reason for not doing this ?