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Feb 16, 2012

iRule to not allow traffic to pool member in 'unknown' state

When nodes are brought up in a pool they are in an 'unknown' state until the monitor marks them up or down. In the case of pools members being brought up in a down state they are in the 'unknown' state until the monitor fails and marks them down. During this period traffic appears to being sent to them causing failures. Is there an iRule that can detect the unknown state and prevent traffic from going to them?



Thanks in advance.



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  • Hi Roy,



    How about setting the priority group activation on all of your pool members to something other than zero. You could add new members at a lower priority, let the monitor run its course and then set the priority to the same value as other pool members.



    I think using an iRule to try to handle this is a waste of resources to handle such a limited window of time.



  • Thank you. I did not think an iRule was worth the effort but wanted to confirm.



    Thanks again.


  • If the Server State is what you are after as a qualifier of the health and status of the server then the default and custom monitors that can be assigned to the Pool and Pool Member level are your best option.



    Even the active_members check that can be done to verify that there are pool members available relies on the monitors that are assigned to the server or server pool.



    As hoolio pointed out, using an iRule over the built in functionality of the LTM is a waste of resources.



    Hope this helps.