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Feb 09, 2011

irule to capture server ---> to client traffice and vice versa

Hi ,



I need help to create an irule that will be applied to vip –(http).



When ever client gets 503 errors from the servers it records the error in the logs.


Also 2nd rule


To log all the traffic from servers to the client and vice versa.






log local0 /var/log tail –f ltm ---is it the correct way to view the logs of local0 -- but if I want to keep them should I change to local1






Thanks a lot







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  • When you say "log all traffic from servers to the client and vice versa," what are you looking for? This essentially sounds like a packet capture and isn't an efficient use of LTM. If you're trying to log all HTTP Requests and Responses, that could be possible but will still be a lot of data.
  • Posted By skkg on 02/09/2011 04:47 PM


    looking for 503 errors ---- from server to cleint.





    I was asking about the "second rule."
  • sorry --


    sencond rule is to capture


    HTTP Requests and Responses. thx
    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    set methodvar [HTTP::method]
    set hostvar [HTTP::host]
    set urivar [HTTP::uri]
    set clientvar [IP::remote_addr]
       log local0. "Client: [IP::remote_addr]:[TCP::remote_port] requested [HTTP::method] / [HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]"
    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
       if { [HTTP::status] eq "503" } {
         log local0. "$clientvar received 503 error for $methodvar / $hostvar$urivar" }

    That should be a start.