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Apr 11, 2014

iRule syntax change in upgrade to 11.5.0

Hello all,


I have upgraded our LTM from 11.4.3 to 11.5.0 at request of F5 support to fix an unrelated issue we were having.


However, this seems to have broken one of the iRules we have in place that is used for the F5 to front http based servers as https using a very useful DevCentral post -


Since the upgrade to 11.5.0 and with this iRule assigned to my virtual server the connection fails with the following logged in the Local Traffic log -


"Status Code 01220001 / TCL error: /Common/Rewrite-HTTP - Operation not supported (line 1) invoked from within "HTTP::is_redirect""


I have tried a bit of tweaking to get this working, predominately removing the HTTP::is_redirect references, but I cannot get the rule to behave as it did pre 11.5.0.


Does anyone have an idea as to how I can make this 11.5.0 compliant?


Many thanks,




  • Hello all,


    F5 have identified this as a bug to be addressed in the next 11.5.1 hotfix to be released, 'ID452387 "HTTP::header is redirect" fails to work correctly'


    For reference, the iRule will work if the 'HTTP::is_redirect' reference is removed - my issue was a bit more involved that simply this HTTPS to HTTP redirect not working.






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