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Oct 18, 2020

Irule redirection

Irule applied but not working...........

Public url in our network ( VS managed by us ) .. i want it to redirect to public url not in our network or not managed by us..

when doing redirection its not able to . basically page not displayed error...


I have a packet capture but not seeing anything coming in packet capture when applying irule and and testing the internal URL....

What could i check on packet capture or what i can filter in wireshark to confirm whether its coming to our VS or not ?


when and uri /def

redirect it to


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  • I am suspecting issue with dns resolution..​ Are you able to reach public url from machine or LB(curl command).

    Can you pase the iRule here?​

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      When I add a public/External url(IP address) as pool member on port 80 ,that pool member and default/unused VS I added is coming up


      but added with 443 its not