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Oct 08, 2011

iRule Help needed....asap





Hi guys, I need help major help.....on a task.....




I'm creating an iRule that will balance HTTP Requests between an old server pool


and a new one.......and also check if the cookies exists or not....




is there anyone expert here to help me....and so I can send the iRule config that I created


to check syntax and also to check if I made errors




please let me know....this is very important....




Thank you guys






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  • Hi,



    Post the iRule and we can give you feedback on it. Can you clarify what you're trying to accomplish? What is the criteria for when to use the old or new server pools? Do you want to use a cookie to track when a user is sent to the old or new pool?




    What I'm trying to accomplish is for mobile devices and international clients to use the old pool and everything else uses (USA) the new pool



    Also the cookie will be set for mobile and international clients to use the old pool (cluster) and set it....




  • Can you provide pseudocode for this so we have some idea of what it is supposed to be doing. Just so we can tell if it is actually doing what you want for starters. The initial description does not adequately cover all the different things that are occurring with this iRule.



  • Or pull out all of the debugging code - too much of it makes it hard to debug :)