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Jul 14, 2011

iRule for redirecting requests




We have vip on port 80 with default pool having all members(on different ip addresses) on port 80.




Now we have requirement like this when following HTTP::uri comes on this vip it should do :




/api/channel* - go to channel pool having all members on port 8088




/api/space* - go to space pool having all members on port 8089




/api/gateway* - go to gateway having all members on port 8087




Now all these subsystems(different ports) are on the same ip address




vip on port 80




default pool members - ,




channel pool members - 192.168.159:133:8088 , 192.168.159:134:8088




space pool members - 192.168.159:133:8089 , 192.168.159:134:8089




gateway pool members - 192.168.159:133:8087 , 192.168.159:134:8087






Now we have to design a iRule like this if from default pool is picked then all other subsystem requests should go to this ip address only and not to




Can anybody provide a way to design this iRule.
















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