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Mar 06, 2012

iRule evaluation priority - Virtual Server vs. Persistence Profile

I have a question about the iRule evaluation "priority"- specifically between iRules applied to a Virtual Server and iRules applied to a Persistence Profile.



Given that iRule events allow associated priority designations, which determine the order in which they are evaluated- is it true that this same logic would apply to iRules applied to both a Virtual Server and a Persistence profile?



For example, if I had an iRule applied to my virtual server with the event defined as a "100" priority... could I safely assume that it would be evaluated before an iRule event with a "200" priority, applied to a Persistence profile?



If not, which iRule would be evaluated first? The iRule applied to the persistence profile, or the iRule applied to the virtual server?



I appologize in advance if this is already documented somewhere...


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  • Hi,



    I would guess that if you specify the same priority in both or don't specify a priority in either iRule, the iRule on the UIE persistence profile would run first. You could test this fairly easily by putting a log line in each iRule. If you want to ensure one runs first, you should be able to set the priority for the entire iRule or specific events to a lower value.



  • Thanks for the quick response hoolio!



    Based on your reply, I think I have answered my question... I just wanted to know, in the same unit of work, would differing iRule priorities be evaluated sequentially regardless of where the iRule was applied (Virtual Server or Persistence Profile). It sounds like this is the case..


  • Yes, I believe so. If you see differently let me know :)



    Thanks, Aaron