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Jul 09, 2012

IRule error in routing traffic

Hello Gentlemen,




I would like to see if you can help me on an error appears in the following iRule:






if { [IP::addr[IP::client_addr]] equals } {


if { [LB::status pool pool_citrix member 80] eq "down" } {


pool pool_citrix2


} else {


pool pool_citrix member 80




} else {


pool pool_citrix2








The error shown is as follows:




01070151:3: Rule [/ Common / Teste_Citrix] error:


line 2: [parse error: syntax PARSE 68 {syntax error in expression "[IP: addr [IP :: client_addr]] equals": extra tokens at end of expression}] [{[IP :: addr [IP: client_addr]] equals}]




The goal is that this iRule forwards all traffic from network to the pool_citrix2.




Thanks for your help.




Best regards,






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  • can you try this?





    if { [IP::addr[IP::client_addr]] equals } {





    if { [IP::addr[IP::client_addr] equals] } {
  • Hello



    The iRule not had any further problems in its creation, however it did not show the expected result.



    With that, I would like to request a new help for it to go to work.



    The purpose of the iRule is that when a host tries to access the network pool_citrix, it is forwarded to the member pool



    The rest should go to the pool_citrix2 which includes the other members.



    With this in VS as I put the pool default pool_citrix and add the iRule created right?
  • i think your irule looks okay. can you add some logging to the irule?


            log local0. "[IP::client_addr]:[TCP::client_port] -> [clientside {IP::local_addr}]:[clientside {TCP::local_port}] -> [IP::remote_addr]:[TCP::remote_port]"