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Sep 30, 2011

iRule does not work after LTM upgrade





I have an iRule which modifies SDP media port value before it is forwarded to the client. This iRule works fine on 9.4.8 but on 10.2.2. When I dump the packet contents on the client, there is no media port between the media type and media transport i.e instead of m=audio media-port RTP/AVP 0 8, the client dump just shows it as m=audio RTP/AVP 0 8. The modified value does not appear in the body.



Interesting thing is that a log statement in the iRule that prints the value of [SDP::media 0] after the modification shows correct value as m=audio modified-port RTP/AVP 0 8



Can you let me know if I am missing anything here? Any additional persists that I have to execute after moving to 10.2.2?







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  • Have you created a support ticket? It's important for our folks to know when this happens so we can make sure it's in our documentation.



    Can you post a version of the rule here?
  • No, I have not created a support ticket. Can you let me know how do I do it?



    Here is the part of the iRule.







    value of j is based on some condition above



    log local0. "Chose port $j"


    log local0. "Before updating media port, sdp media at index 0: [SDP::media 0]"


    set orgPort [SDP::media port 0]


    table set "rtp_out_$j" "$orgHost:$orgPort" 3600


    log local0. "In SIP INVITE, for call with call-id $req_call_id , port $j mapped to [table lookup "rtp_out_$j" ] in rtp_out map"


    table set "call_id_$req_call_id" $j 3600


    SDP::media port 0 "$j"


    log local0. "After updating media port, sdp media at index 0 is: [SDP::media 0]"









    You can either call or use the link at the bottom to open a ticket online.