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Aug 08, 2011

irule authentication against lda[

Hi all,



First post.



We are using f5s to be reverse proxys for our companies urls. We are migrating off a pair of blucoats. The problem I have at the moment is when an eternal user logs in the


get directed to the ldap authentication page.. now when a user clicks on a url that is also on the same irule for the host it re-prompts for the ldap auhtentication page.



Is there any way to stop re-authentication happening once a user has logged in ?

























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  • It depends on how you have things setup, but you should be able to if you can differentiate the traffic.





    If an unauthenticated user does not have a cookie named “Authenticated”, then you can redirect them to the Authentication Page.



    After they have authenticated they will have this cookie and be routed somewhere else.



    See an example here to see if this is similar to what you will need:




    Hope this helps, but if this does not answer your question please let us know.