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Jul 05, 2011

irule & advanced routing module

Have been looking into advanced routing modules.


Would like to change cost of a route (or only send the route) for a vip address based on what nodes is up i.e.


if node a is up and b is down send route as normal


if node a is down and b is up make route higher cost (or do not send route)



From what I read, Route health injection is based on if vip is up so not exactly what I require.



I know I can check node status with irule. Can I influence advanced routing module with irule?


A link to an example irule and routing would be great.






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  • Hi Peter,


    Have you looked into the following Video Blog. I am not sure if this entirely answers your problem but it could give you an idea of what it can do. However, I don't believe you can manipulate the routing in the manner you speak of directly with an iRule. It probably can be manipulated with some custom monitors which could trigger a shell script and inturn the shell script could make some route changes based on that.



    Here is the link to the video




    I hope this helps,