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Jun 10, 2011

IP error with port 80




We have teams SSA of Enterasys, have addresses a segment of addresses class C but there are also intermediate addresses as for example 10.204. x. X in our configurations have been using some intermediate ip in order to give protection to some applications as for example the licensing which has enabled ports as the 27000. But then we run into a problem when we wanted to occupy an intermediate address with a port 8080 which is what happens the F5 accepts the settings then check from my machine if you can see that ip, I can actually see him but when I open the browser click _http://10.204.X.X:8080 internet sends me a notice informing that a 404 error happened, then opt to do a test using the command of "telnet 8080" and it appears to me as if were open the port, then I do not understand why does not appear at the time of requesting it. Your would have some idea of the why has this behaviour.

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  • Yes, of course! In VS I have IP, port 8080, iRule NONE, Default Persistence PRofile: souece_addr. In pool I have IP and, health monitor: http, Allow SNAT: no Allor NAT: yes, load balancing method : Round Robin. That's it
  • hmm... i haven't had any idea yet.



    anyway, tcpdump might be helpful.


    tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnn -s0 -w /var/tmp/output.pcap \(host and port 8080\) or \(host or host and port 27000\)



  • From the command line, can you check what you've got when running



    To the virtual





    To the pool