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Jan 14, 2012

IOS upgrade from 10.2.2 to 11.1.0

Hi everyone,


I am upgrading the IOS on LTM from 10.2.2. to 11.1.0 is it possible to do it through the GUI interface???? I have already imported the IOS file 11.1.0 using the GUI interface but what is next that i have to do can any one forward a link to the step by step process for doing the same.





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  • i do not see 11.1 document but it should be like this.



    Starting the installation




    in case of tmsh, it should look like this.



    root@ve1023(Active)(tmos) create sys software volume HD1.4


    root@ve1023(Active)(tmos) install sys software image ... volume HD1.4
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    Or try the create-volume option to the install command.



    install sys software image volume HD1.4 create-volume
  • Actually the problem got resolved may be it was with the downloaded package because as per my understanding once the IOS file is uploaded I should be able to click it and it will take me to the next page where i should be able to install it... where as it was not happening ... once i re-downloaded the file and uploaded on the box it was fine. So thanks for all the replies... but yes you may face a problem while uploading the hot-fix and this is due to the browser as it works with some browsers and is not working with some.