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May 24, 2018

InterVLAN routing

My question is regarding interVLAN routing. I have a N7K with an 2200 Big IP F5. I have it set up with one NAT statement for my Web Front End (vlan 10) server and one NAT statement to its Database (vlan 20). Both are advertised publicly but have private IPs. When I SNAT and only advertise the public IP of the WFE, my users experience latency. When I have both NATs advertised, the WFE accesses the DB flawlessly.


Troubleshooting efforts taken: - Cleared ARP on 7K - Set up Virtual server with Performance Layer 4 - Able to ping floating IP with no drops - Configured SNAT using iAPP


Please advise. Thank you!


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  • What are you doing to advertise publicly, the IP addresses ? Does the WFE access DB server on its private IP address ? I am assuming private IP address is configured on the server's interface.