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Apr 05, 2022

Inquiry for vs that don't display the created policy

what is the possible cause of Virtual server that don't display the new created security policy even if the application security policy on that vs is enable?
hope someone can help me on this. thank you in advance

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  • Hello, can you please detail the problem? Is this about WAF module? You have created a policy and you don't see it on the VS? You have created it and you see it, but you don't see logs? 

    I would suggest to check if your virtual server has an HTTP profile, which is required for HTTP request parsing. Also, check if you have SSL offloading enabled - if traffic is encrypted you can't inspect it. If you don't see logs, check if you configured an event logging profile on your virtual server - this will be under "security" tab. 

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      the policy that was created is appeared in the policy list. but on VS that i want that policy to attached it . it doesn't appear, so i cannot attached it on that VS. based on that images i provide.

      • Thanks for the info. I'm not sure what the reason of this could be, are the VS and the policy in different configuration partitions by any chance? 

        If not, you might have enabled a feature that requires a specific profile on the vs which is missing .. 

        If this isn't a live environment, you might try to force policy using an iRule and see what error shows up in logs ..  (iRule requires a 'fallback' WAF policy to be configured in the VS)

        when HTTP_REQUEST { ASM::enable <policyname> }