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Mar 15, 2020

Incomplete HWaddress in Dynamic ARP of BIGIP F5

Hi all,


I setup a F5 on VMware and i configured below settings:

  1. Management IP : with Default Gateway :
  2. created Vlan 606 and Tag it with interface 1.1 and i cross checked the MAC address of VM network adapter with F5 interface (Both matched).
  3. created self IP and assigned Vlan 606 to it with IP
  4. Routes: Destination 0/0 and Gateway:
  5. Added one server in (Local traffic -> Nodes) which is showing down (IP: (Monitoring ICMP)


Note: whenever i remove Self-IP, the server comes UP.


The problem is i am unable to get ARP of Self-IP on my FW.

Unable to ping Node from F5


Network - ARP - Dynamic ARP --- Here it is showing me & but in MAC address section it is showing "incomplete"


As i am not getting ARP, Self-IP and Nodes are not able to communicate.


What i suspect is the Media Speed of F5 interface is 10000 , auto

Interface configured on FW with vlan 606 has BW 1000 Mbps.

I tried to change F5 interface media speed to 1000 by using "modify net interface 1.1 media 1000T-FD", it given an error:


"invalid property vlaue "media":"1000T-FD" The requested media is invalid, valid settings are: 10000T-FD, auto. please see SOL14556 for details.



  1. Is the Mismatch of media speed is causing the ARP issue ?
  2. Have i missed some configuration which is causing this ?


Please suggest a solution as i need to get this resolved asap.

I can also show my settings on a ZOOM session, if someone is willing to help.


Thanks in Advance.


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  • Is your SVI or L3 as you are using it as gateway? Is it actually .2 or it is .1?

    please cross check same.



  • Sorry, it was a typo mistake, actually i configured 10208.108.1 as a gateway.


    fw01# sh ip

    System IP Addresses:

    Interface        Name          IP address   Subnet mask   Method 

    Ethernet0/0       outside        XXX.XXX.XXX.XX CONFIG

    Ethernet0/1.601     inside-01 manual

    Ethernet0/1.604     inside-604 manual

    Ethernet0/1.605     inside-605 manual

    Ethernet0/1.606     inside-606 manual


    Have you check if Packet Filters is disable on you F5 BIG-IP device ? (Network -> Packets filters) or are you using AFM module ?


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    did you resolve it? I'm having exactly the same issue.


    When the SELF_IP of the F5 is in the SAME VLAN as the servers, it does not respond to anything. (even when the DG is the FW-interface in that VLAN)


    ofcourse when you delete the SELF_IP the traffic is now flowing through the mgmnt. (this should be even not possible from security-perspective)