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Jun 14, 2022

"Illegal reference" when attempting to upgrade F5OS to V1.1 on a R5900 platform


I have a  brand new R5900 coming with F5OS V.1.0  When attempting to upgrade it to V1.1 by selecting the 1.1 OS & Version, a popup window with the legend "Illegal reference." comes up.

I typed the "upload" button twice or 3 times, causing thereby a failure in the upload process and probably a corrupted image in the file system. This is exactly the same problem reported in " "Error when trying to upgrade from GUI: Server Error -- Illegal reference". But the solutions posted there do not work for me.


The command "show system image" shows the image 1.1.0-7645 as "ready". But the command "show system image install" returns "in-progress" indefinitely:

show system image install

system image install install-status in-progress  <-- "in progress" status gets stuck indefinitely.

If i try to remove the new image with the command "system image remove os _1.1.0-7645, the device returns:

Error: error image _1.1.0-7645: unexpected response back from API

Re-uploading the image, or rebooting the platform do not overcome the issue.

Is there a way to purge the new image straight on file system?




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  • F5 Support engineers fixed this problem in a remote session, by modifying some internal files of the equipment. Product Engineering is now aware of the issue.
    Meanwhile BEWARE: If running F5OS V1.0, DO NOT press the UPLOAD button MORE THAN ONCE when attempting to upgrade to a new version: After pressing the Upload button, GUI keeps silent, like doing nothing, for a few minutes before showing the new version in the list. If you press the Upload button again amid such meantime, your R5800 may fall into this problem.

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      thanks for posting back! Will accept as solution on your behalf unless you want the honors?

  • With F5OS being new, the tribal knowledge might take a while to spin up. I'd make sure you have a case open on this concurrently in the event you don't get a timely response. If you get an answer before someone provides it, please post back!

    • Sure. I recently opened a case. When It gets solved I'll post the solution.


  • Whenever I find something useful regarding my query, I post it as it might be useful to others. If such tip helps someone, I feel more than satisfied. That's all. Thank you!