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Feb 03, 2011

illegal argument using HTTP::respond




Our application servers return a 200 OK message even if it should be a 404 or 500 error code, so we want to capture that using an iRule and return the right error code depending on the message returned by our app servers:





set page_not_found "The requested page was not found."


set page_not_live "The requested page is not live."


if { ([HTTP::payload] contains "$page_not_found") } {


HTTP::respond 404




if { ([HTTP::payload] contains "$page_not_live) } {


HTTP::respond 500









It seems to be working as expected, however we see in the /var/ltm/log files the following error message:



- Illegal argument. Can't execute in the current context. invoked from within "HTTP::payload"



I take the only mandatory attribute for the HTTP::respond is the error code.


HTTP::respond status_code [content] [noserver] [header_name header value]+



We're using BIG-IP 9.4.8 Build 407.0 hotfix hf4



Any ideas?



Many thanks,










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  • try adding the optional arguments: HTTP::respond 404 content "404"
  • I didn't think the content parameter was necessary. In a quick test on 10.2.1, I don't see a runtime error when using HTTP::respond 404 with no options.



    Victor, maybe you could open a case with F5 Support to get a detailed review of your config and the errors.



  • i don't think it's supposed to be, but I have seen issues with some configurations without it. Could be my sloppy code, though ;-)
  • Hi,



    Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.



    The issue was with the if statement.



    I've fixed it taking out the [HTTP::payload] from the if statement and creating a new variable that I've used in the if statement, see below:





    set payload [HTTP::payload]


    if { $payload contains $page_not_found } {